Phil Hawkins

SAC Museum (Strategic Air & Space Museum)

Interactive art installation at the SAC Museum (Strategic Air & Space Museum)

Phil Hawkins has always valued the fundamental connection between visual arts and community engagement. He has complimented his career as a visual artist with teaching and participation in mentorship programs and community events. Through a collaboration between Joslyn Art Museum and Creighton University in 2015, Phil taught a week-long youth summer camp that covered the fundamentals of screen printing.  Phil also has a long-standing commitment to the education program at Joslyn Art Museum and he has served as a mentor to art students at the Kent Bellows studio. These associations led to Phil’s participation in the “Celebrating the Mind” event held in the Fall of 2013 at the Strategic Air & Space Museum in Ashland, Nebraska. Phil created a unique template for an installation and both children and adults were invited to paint a segment; the finished interactive installation was displayed for the duration of the event.


Kent Bellows Studio

Kent Bellows Studio